The one with the university

Ontem levei a camera ao trabalho e dei uma volta ao campus. O dia estava nublado mas quente. Para quem não sabe, estou fazendo meu doutorado na Unesp, em Bauru. É um campus muito bonito e grande, eu particularmente o considero assim. Rodeado por uma mata de preservação, temos alguns animais que vivem ali, como micos, cachorros, gatos, galinhas e outros tipos de aves.  Eu fotografei alguns dos detalhes que encontrei, somente para deixar para a posteridade. Minha vida tem capítulos que marcam a minha história e vir para essa cidade e universidade é uma delas.

Yesterday I took my camera with me to my work. I had a walk around the campus and took a lot of pictures. For those who are not brazilians, I will give a short explain about how it is here in Brazil. I am a post-graduate student. I make my phD in biochemistry here in this university, that is called São Paulo State University – UNESP. Here in Brazil, the states or federals university are the best. Free costs to study and usually, the best teachers and best resourches for reseachers. I graduated in a particular university and for me, see this huge campus and how this universe works, is kinda awesome. So, this university has several campus, in several cities of the state. and possibly is one of the biggest universities of the country. Here in my city, we have engineering, architeture, radio, journalism, arts, design, biology, chesmitry, physics and other courses. Is a huge campus. It is located between a preserved forest, so is surrounded by a big amount of trees and flowers. Birds, dogs, cats. I am amazed by the universities, cause they are always so huge and tend to give us a feeling of importance. Is a different universe, is where you come in naiive and leave a totally different person. Where you can make your best friends and have the best moments of your lives.
I took a lot of pictures and I will show a few!

DSC_0347 DSC_0353  DSC_0355 DSC_0358  DSC_0372DSC_0368


DSC_0386 DSC_0388 DSC_0401 DSC_0427


DSC_0434 DSC_0449 DSC_0473





DSC_0481  DSC_0484





Time goes by

1 year! phew! It was fast if I look back. I moved to here 1 year ago today and my life had changed. A lot.  I am living alone in a big different city and far from family and friends. It was different. It was good.

I learned about myself, I let go old pains and bad patterns of behaviors. I knew some new people.

I lost weight, I started to study photography, I lost my silly fear of eating alone in restaurants, I learned how to be on my own and found out that I am beautiful person. And two weeks ago, I adopted a baby cat and now, we are best friends. ( still figuring out some stuffs but we are doing good.)

A few photos of this past year.


                                                    DSC_0518-2 Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset








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I plan to show more photos of my neighborhood, the university where I work and a little bit more of my daily life. Or what I dont show on instagram already.