Turns on a dime

One month ago today I found this guy. Or he found me. It was a rainy thursday of february and a friend from work told me about a baby cat alone around the university neighborhood. Of course he knew I am crazy about cats. and of course more I went to “just see him”. I guess anyone knows the end? How could I let him alone there? So yellow with big blue eyes. Our destiny was sealed. I took him with me to the lab and later then, brought him home. Since then, seems a lifetime. I wont say is always easy. Hands down to those who grabs animals from the streets and treat them and let them brand new and healthy. Isn’t a easy job. But I know we dont have family and friends just for the easy parts, do we? Is for the best and the worst. And he is a champ, like me. I can see that…we were both alone. But now we have each other. I dont really know how it will be but I know I wont give up on him. Even if he drives me crazy sometimes…he really makes me laugh a lot more and I like to hear him purr on my lap, or how he receives me meowning when I arrive home.






2 comentários sobre “Turns on a dime

  1. Hey Luana!! I just had the perfect time to sit down with a cup of coffee and read your blog. Its perfect, the images are awesome… I can see a future as a writer/photographer.. You are very talented my dear!! xoxo

  2. Glad I found your blog and your most recent post relates to me so much as I found my cat 8 months ago (Willow) and she is the love of my life! I was not a cat person at all and now it is like she was always part of our home. She was starving and about two months old, full of fleas and ticks when she turned up on our doorstep. We took her to the vet to get her checked out and treated and since then, between me and my husband we completely adore her.
    Sorry for the long story lol!
    Keep up the great work with your blog! Added to my bookmarks already!
    Jane x
    (regular_jane from instagram….we spoke there a couple of times too!)

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