Turns on a dime

One month ago today I found this guy. Or he found me. It was a rainy thursday of february and a friend from work told me about a baby cat alone around the university neighborhood. Of course he knew I am crazy about cats. and of course more I went to “just see him”. I guess anyone knows the end? How could I let him alone there? So yellow with big blue eyes. Our destiny was sealed. I took him with me to the lab and later then, brought him home. Since then, seems a lifetime. I wont say is always easy. Hands down to those who grabs animals from the streets and treat them and let them brand new and healthy. Isn’t a easy job. But I know we dont have family and friends just for the easy parts, do we? Is for the best and the worst. And he is a champ, like me. I can see that…we were both alone. But now we have each other. I dont really know how it will be but I know I wont give up on him. Even if he drives me crazy sometimes…he really makes me laugh a lot more and I like to hear him purr on my lap, or how he receives me meowning when I arrive home.